1. Details of Cayalá.

  2. Paseo Cayalá.

  3. Santa Tecla, La Libertad.

  4. Hotel de Montaña, Cerro Verde.

  5. The Hotel de Montaña at Cerro Verde is easily one of my favorite places in El Salvador, not only because the building is now completely abandoned but also because of it’s post-modern architecture and art deco style that is still very present.

    The hotel was built in 1955 as some sort of observation deck to enjoy the views of the Izalco volcano and it’s activity, and is currently under evaluation to be reopened.

    I also posted this picture on my second blog.


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  7. Iglesia El Rosario.


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  13. San Salvador. Is there anything more salvadoran than a tower owned by an american bank and a guatemalan restaurant? I doubt it.

  14. Zona Rosa, San Salvador.

  15. Centro de San Salvador, El Salvador.